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Knowledgeable Staff to Help You Find the Perfect Strain

At the Cannabis Seed Bank of Maine, our knowledgeable staff knows that when it comes to finding the perfect strain of cannabis seeds, it can be hard to make a decision. We have years of experience with the strains and seeds that we carry, so helping you find your perfect match is quick and easy. Contact us today to learn more about the seeds we carry at (207) 431-1181.

Rare Strains & Old School Genetics

We specialize in creating great strains of cannabis seeds using some of the most popular types crossed with old local strains, some over 25 years old, to make hearty sure winner outdoor harvests in New England and Canada.. Approximately 90 percent of our inventory consists of strains we have created ourselves. We sell classic strains like OG Kush, Cherry Pie, Malawi Gold, Northern Lights, Master Kush, BC God Bud, and Super Silver Haze and we only carry the finest quality organic medical marijuana seeds on the market today, with more always on the way.
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Constantly Expanding Inventory of Cannabis Seeds

Our inventory is almost constant, so our customers always have access to a fresh supply of high quality seeds. At the Cannabis Seed Bank of Maine, you are sure to find a better product than almost anywhere else in the country. We do our best to keep our customers in the loop with what strains we have in stock, so check out our seeds and clones page for more information.
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Supplies & Equipment to Help You Grow

We can help you get any equipment you may need to start growing your own medical marijuana from germination to harvest. We can recommend types of lighting, soil, nutrients, and much more. Just let us know what you need and we can help you find it. Call us today for more information at (207) 431-1181.

Serving All of Maine & Beyond

At the Cannabis Seed Bank of Maine, we serve any customer who has need of our services. We are the only seed bank of its kind in Maine. Many of our customers live in:

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All clones inoculated with Mammoth Products.